What Kind of Fencing Do I need?

We often get asked the question of “What type of fence do you recommend for us?

Believe it or not, location matters. Depending on where you live determines the choices of fencing that you can have.

Example: if you live in the City of Longmont, CO, in a subdivision with an HOA, you will need to go with the HOA’s specific fence requirements.

If you don’t live in an HOA area, typically the tallest fence that you can use is 6′ tall-wood, chain link or ornamental iron. Except in the front of your property which is usually limited to 3-4′ tall.

If you live out in the country-most of the time you won’t need a permit and you can go with just about any style that you want, with the maximum height of 6′ tall.

What About Keeping Livestock Fenced In?

If you have horses, or Llamas for example, a 3 rail dowel fence or a horse wire fence with 4″x6″x5′ tall posts and a top rail works well.

What Fence will Keep our Dogs In?

If you have dogs – the type of fence you may want will depend on whether your dog is a “jumper”, and/or a “digger.” Another consideration is size and type of dog that you have. There are unique solutions for every breed.

Some dogs also require a run. The length of it will depending on how your property is set up.  We’ve come up with lots of creative solutions and look forward to helping you find the one that works best for you and your pets.

We can customize your fence for your needs, aesthetics, and the pricing that works best for your situation.

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P.S. If you have a question that you’d like answered about fences, keeping pets in, blocking pests out, privacy vs. security fences or another other fence related questions, just let us know.  We look forward to answering them for you.